Top Factors to Consider Before Buying Plots in Gurgaon


The feeling of buying your own house cannot be compared to anything else. However, buying isn’t as easy as it seems to be, especially not in Delhi NCR. We are well aware that Gurgram has seen a surge in the sale of residential and commercial plots over the past few years. Buying a plot on the scale in Gurgaon is not everyone’s cup of tea but having a property here is an appealing factor. People tend to do a lot of research work before investing in a property of their own so here are some of the factors that you should consider before making this huge investment,

  1. Location –

The foremost thing to consider when buying a property in Gurgaon or anywhere, is the location. It is considered best for the family and for yourself to buy a plot somewhere in the vicinity of basic amenities. There are a multitude of options available in Gurgaon to choose from like DLF Plots which are based out in areas that nobody can neglect. Keep in mind to choose a location that is not based in the outskirts of the city, has good connectivity with the other parts of Delhi, and is likely to observe infrastructure development shortly.

  • Size of the land –

The size of the land you purchase will depend on the purpose of buying. You need to identify the amount of area that will be available for utilization on the property. If you are building your house or commercial structure from scratch, you need to pay close attention to the available space for facilities that you need outside of your house.

  • Price of the property –

Don’t blindly purchase a plot without well-informed research about the land, facilities, connectivity, etc, around and in the plot. Keep in mind to avoid buying inexpensive properties on the outskirts of the city just because you are fooled by the low prices. Do thorough research beforehand about the price trends in the area that you are looking to buy.

  • Budget –

All your efforts and research are a waste of time if you don’t have the appropriate budget to buy the property that you are planning to. It is the budget that will decide the area, size, location, etc, of the plot that you are buying.

  • Licensing and approvals –

Paperwork is one of the most boring works and is a nightmare for certain people. However, it is one of those tasks which probably require the most attention. Some of the necessary documentation that you need to focus on is –

  • Title deed
  • Encumbrance certificates
  • Property tax receipts
  • Release certificate
  • Local approvals
  • Potential of the plot –

Before investing, make sure that the plot land is suitable for the project that you have in mind. Evaluate space available based on the project that you have in mind. For instance, if you want to build a villa and you are looking for land near a beach it might not be suitable as it will be too marshy.

  • NOC –

It stands for no objection certificate and is an important document. It is a document that is provided to the buyer by the seller once the property is completely ready. It helps the buyer get connections to water, electricity, gas, etc, with ease. If he/she does not have a NOC it becomes difficult to avail these basic connections.

The above mentioned are just a few suggestions that one should keep in mind while looking out to buy plots in Gurgaon. At any stage of the investment if you skip or forget any of the major requirements you might face trouble in the future. It is not rocket science but it does require a lot of research and lookout on the end of the buyer.

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