Why is the Reputation of the Developer Important While Investing in Real Estate?

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“Investors decide in the first eight seconds whether they’re interested in investing in your property. Get out of your car, walk in their shoes and see what they see within the first eight seconds.”

Let’s start off this discussion with a very basic, day-to-day life example. Walking into the market what do you generally do as a regular consumer? Compare things with their first appeal, enquire and tally the various rates and finally purchase the handpicked things youget at the best price, right?

Measuring this situation and a situation an investor goes through while investing in a Real Estate Company on a beam balance will fixate the point in the central position. That’s right folks! The cryptic marketing strategies work equally like the simple daily lifestyle actions we generally do. Not much of the brainstorming theories have to work in the practical life.

Let’s look at an investor interested in investing in the real estate industry as a consumer. As a consumer what is that first thing you that concerns you? It’s the quality of the thing you are purchasing. Similarly, the first thing that an investor looks out for before he is about to settle for a heavy investment is the reputation of the developers.

The repute itself speaks for the real estate brand and manages alone to convince an investor to go ahead with an investment plan. For instance, if an investor plans to invest in The 42 by Mani Group, he or she won’t even think twice before doing so, since Sanjay Jhunjhunwala, CEO of Mani Group has a fine reputation and ranks among the top builders in India today.

This leaves no room for doubt about the essential requirement of the reputation of the developer in concern to an investor who wants to invest in the real estate industry.

To proceed with, let’s first get into the shoes of an investor and try to contemplate exactly why he would be concerned about a real estate developer’s reputation.

The Money Should be in Safe Hands

The most rudimentary concern about an investor will be about the financial security of the heavy investment he is about to make. Unless, it is a reputed developer, an investor would go on the back foot with his investment.

A well-reputed real estate developer would not have to convince the investor. With the well-built market repute, the investor will invest in projects not only once but twice and sometimes even thrice or more times.

The Prospect of Future Gains

When an investor looks for investment in an industry like real estate where the growth rates progress around the year, it is generally not just a one-time investment. The initial investment happens with the future prospect of the property is kept in mind as has been clearly indicated. Here, the repute of a real estate developer obviously matters since the investment is going to take place in multiple folds for various projects.

Now consider when an investor comes in alliance with one of the best real estate companies in Kolkata for investment, it would be definitely for long term since the established repute he holds is enough for the investor to keep his belief tight on the future gains that he or she is going to receive.

No foul play

The most critical fact about knowing a developer’s repute is that the chances of deceiving and foul play are totally absent. Since a huge economic investment is involved while making a deal, the chances of false play or deceit is highly prone among developers new in the field. The vulnerability involved here becomes a constraint for the investor to go ahead with his investment.

Thus, before rowing ahead with such a huge investment, knowing the repute of the developer is an absolute necessity in order to be safe and sound.

Top of the line technology and amenities

When an investor sits with the investment plan with a developer, with the aspects of profits, security there is another important and probably one of the most essential things he or she has to look out for. That is, the standard of the property or project plan the investment is being done in.

Teaming up with a well-established developer assuresat par or international quality standards of infrastructure with the latest technology applied and ample of amenities offered to the customers. A prospective and productive real estate plan will sell for good returns undoubtedly. Therefore, these things are also in the line of consideration for an investor.

An investor baiting his money on a project from the house of Mani Group will have no room for doubts in regards to the exceptional standards maintained while building a new property.

Timeframe of the project

Vague timelines promised by ill-reputed developers have consistently become a big concern for real estate investors. Prolonging beyond the deadlines affects both the investment and the raises the suspicions on the profit returns. When the investment is made with a reputed Real Estate Developer the timelines of the project are not compromised by any means and therefore the suspicion on profit returns never takes place.

Legal Flexibility

The power and gravity of a well-reputed developer also helps to settle legal constraints pretty smoothly than any other struggling or ill-reputed developer. Be it a disputed land or a property deal hard to crack, the charm and influence of a developer with good repute always work through and therefore the investor is even more encouraged for present day and future investments.

The above assessment of the essential requirements to know a developer’s reputation for a real estate investor is now clear before us. This assessment from an investor’s perspective makes it clear why a reputation of a real estate developer so important.

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