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By Eva Pattis Zoja

ISBN-10: 0203129423

ISBN-13: 9780203129425

The controversy on abortion has tended to prevent the mental importance of an undesirable being pregnant, ruled istead by means of the robust feelings the topic excites. Eva Pattis Zoja examines the recommendations that encompass a woman's selection to finish a being pregnant, and offers the demanding thesis that voluntary abortion can frequently be a violent and subconscious act of self-realisation. Treating a subject that's critical to our lifestyles, the writer makes no try and argue for or opposed to, or to disclaim the painful nature of the topic which she tackles, yet in its place appears on the means within which a call to abort can have an effect on a woman's internal existence.

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Modern western women, unsure of their roles, may not secretly desire to be venerated as the great mother. Our semi-conscious fantasies and the present-day form of this mythic universe find visualization in advertisements: the mother-to-be is placid, loving, smiling; she is free from all duties and has endless amounts of time. When she is not surveying baby clothes, she has her feet propped up on a chair and chats with her mother on the telephone. The right to veneration is wonderfully combined with regressive release from all possible problems.

The social worker recounted this as a way of saying that one has to respect the various cultural attitudes that exist within society, along with the various views of abortion that go with them. A vision of abortion as something that a woman can endlessly repeat was utterly extraneous to the traditional world—where abortion was always an act of communication with the supernatural, and thus the font of a revelation—and most people find it disturbing. It is as though we still today feel a need for taboo: a need for protective measures that set up guides and limits, preventing us from striding too blithely into new and perilous territory.

Taboo—which offers the warning, ‘here one crosses a border with the supernatural’—has been replaced by notions of permission and prohibition; and what was once a protective signpost has evolved into a moral precept. Basing behaviour on moral precepts was again quite remote from the traditional world. The foetus, which once found its meaning as ‘a fragment of the great beyond’, becomes instead, in this new frame of reference, a human being, a tiny baby in flesh and blood, who is murdered by an abortion.

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