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By Glen Broman

Museum Ordnance precise specializes in a selected car, sequence of automobiles, or clash. Designed essentially for modellers they're illustrated with b/w images drawings all through.

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Modelling and keep an eye on is a method used to permit decision-making in production approaches of curiosity to researchers and training engineering. situation tracking and regulate for clever production may be got through researchers and graduate scholars in production and keep an eye on and engineering, in addition to practicing engineers in industries similar to automobile and packaging production.

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Like the K20Z3, the TSX’s electronic drive-by-wire throttle body and ECU are not compatible with most chassis. Several changes for the 2006 model year, such as 1-mm-larger intake valves and a higher-lift longer-duration intake camshaft that’s arguably better than some Type R camshafts result in an additional 5 hp. Other mid-model changes include even stronger connecting rods, a more thoroughly counterweighted crankshaft, and additional oil passages within the block, which help reduce windage. A larger throttle body and freer-flowing exhaust components were also added, both of which don’t matter much because neither may be used once the engine is transplanted.

For most K-series engine swaps, a 2002–2004 RSX or Japanese-spec Type R ECU is preferred as is the RSX engine wiring harness (more on why later on). As such, using either a North American-based K20A2 or Japanese-spec K20A Type R can often simplify the parts-sourcing process. In almost all cases, an aftermarket header is required, so choosing an engine based on exhaust manifold type is irrelevant. Honda’s drive-by-wire electronic throttle bodies also aren’t compatible with most engine transplants at this time.

Perhaps the most infamous K-series intake manifold, the 2002–2008 Accord Euro R’s RBC version is one of the most popular K-series engine upgrades. An easier-to-source and nearly identical intake manifold can be found on the 2006–2011 Civic Si’s K20Z3 engine. The Integra Type R’s PRC intake manifold may look like the same one from the 2002-2006 RSX Type-S, but it isn’t. The PRC version features slightly reshaped runners that can result in marginally more power provided ECU tuning is addressed. 4L Accord or TSX intake manifolds, such as the RAA, can be used but typically aren’t sought after as replacements for anything else.

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