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By M. Demerec (Eds.)

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This quantity in a sequence on genetics, emphasizes the range of genetic stories. Articles disguise the filamentous fungus neurospora, biogenesis of yeast ribosomes, evolutionary genetics of fish, drosophila transposable components and the dropophila gene zeste.

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Spores are inside the remnant of the sporangium membrane ( s p g ) . 65. The same suspension of spores observed after 30 minutes in tryptone solution and cresyl blue under the microscope. )-staining of nuclear element ( n ). 66. Same spores as Fig. 64 after 1 hour at 37°C. in tryptone solution. Sublethal staining with cresyl blue. 67. B. cereus. 110 minutes at 30" C. in aerated 2% tryptone solution (culture made from a 15-hour culture under the same conditions). Giemsa staining. Cells always short with nonhomogeneous cytoplasm and globular nuclear elements.

4 Metabolic relationship between cysteine, threonine, and methionine in Neurospora. Each of the indicated steps is known to be gene-controlled. This study was based on a mutant which exhibits a double nutritional requirement: both threonine and methionine are needed for growth. Repeated matings to wild-type failed to result in segregation of the two characters, indicating that a single gene change is involved. It therefore appeared that either this gene has two separate functions, contrary to previous experience, or else it governs a single reaction common to both syntheses.

4-a) is inhibited by a number of amino acids, including L-methionine, for which it a t the same time exhibits a requirement. , 1948). The interesting point is that the inhibitions are produced by amino acids which occur in all cells, and which, under the same conditions, but little influence the growth of wild-type. Horowitz and Srb (1948) have, however, described a striking inhibition of the growth of wild-type Neurospora by the amino acid canavanine. This amino acid occurs naturally, but seems to be restricted to the jack-bean ( C a m valia ensiformis) and its close relatives.

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