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By W. W. Christie

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This can be the 3rd quantity of an occasional sequence of books facing points of lipid methodology.  The participants speak about and research positional isomers of glycerolipids, long-chain acyl-coenzyme A esters, 31P nuclear magnetic resonance profiling of phospholipids and a few very important references in lipid method.

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HPLC resolution of reverse isomers of rac-1,2-acetylpalmitoylglycerols as 3,5-DNPU derivatives on a chiral column using two different solvents systems [Y. ltabashi and A. Kuksis. 1990. Unpublished results]. Instrument and chiral column was as given in Fig. 7. ); flow rate, 1 mL/min at 25°C. Peak identification: 1, sn-1-acetyl-2-palmitoylglycerol; 2, sn-1palmitoyl-2-acetylglycerol; 3, sn-2-palmitoyl-3-acetylglycerol; 4, sn-2-acetyl-3-palmitoylglycerol. the 3,5-DNPU derivatives. in two solvent systems.

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9B), yet the reverse isomers of the sn-2,3-enantiomers were resolved. In both enantiomer classes the isomers with the acetyl chain in the primary position were eluted first. The separation of enantiomeric monoacylglycerols was first reported by Itabashi and Takagi [28] using the di-3,5-DNPU derivatives and a chiral HPLC column containing the Sumipax OA-2100 phase. Complete separation of the urethane derivatives of racemic monoacylglycerols with C 12 - C 18 saturated fatty chains was achieved using isocratic elution with a mixture of hexane-ethylene ADVANCES IN LIPID METHODOLOGY -THREE 27 dichloride-ethanol (40:12:3 by volume) as the mobile phase.

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