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The test data for one location consisted of 1,000 words, and 16-order MFCCs (Mel-Frequency Cepstral Coefficients) were used as feature vectors. The total number of test data for one location was 1,000 (words) × 4 (males). The number of training data for the acoustic transfer function GMM was 10 words and 50 words. The speech data for training the clean speech model, training the acoustic transfer function and testing were spoken by the same speakers but had different text utterances respectively.

4. DI and beamwidth as a function of Q. With the second-order prototype in place, the discriminating function of Eq. (80), as an example, can be realized by expressing it as a partial fraction expansion and connecting in parallel two prototypal filters. For the first, d0 = ( 1 − cosθ ) 2 and d1 = c1 = c 2 = 0 , and for the second, d0 = 0, d1 = sin 2 θ , c1 = −2 cosθ , c 2 = 1 . Though the development of a second-order prototype is critical for the implementation of a more general rational discriminating function than that of the first-order prototype, additional research is necessary for the firstorder prototype.

Analogous to Eqs. 105, Q = 10 and the maximum directivity index is 19 dB which is a 6 dB improvement over that of the first-degree discriminating function of Eq. (30). 8 dB . As a2 moves closer to a1 , the maximum directivity index will move closer to 19 dB. For a specified a1 , Eq. (69) represents an upper bound on the maximum directivity index, the bound approached more closely as a2 moves more closely to a1 . 3 Design of discriminating functions from the magnitude response of digital filters In designing and implementing transfer functions of IIR digital filters, advantage has been taken of the wealth of knowledge and practical experience accumulated in the design and implementation of the transfer functions of analog filters.

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