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By D. Durban, Dan Givoli, J.G. Simmonds

ISBN-10: 0792367855

ISBN-13: 9780792367857

The optimum regulate of versatile constructions is an energetic region of analysis. the most physique of labor during this region is worried with the regulate of time-dependent displacements and stresses, and assumes linear elastic stipulations, specifically linear elastic fabric habit and small defor- tion. See, e. g. , [1]–[3], the collections of papers [4, 5], and references therein. nevertheless, within the current paper we examine the static optimum regulate of a constitution made up of a nonlinear elastic fabric and und- going huge deformation. an enormous program is the suppression of static or quasi-static elastic deformation in versatile area constructions reminiscent of components of satellites by way of keep an eye on rather a lot [6]. sunlight rad- tion and radiation from different assets result in a temperature box within the constitution, which in flip generates an elastic displacement box. The displacements needs to frequently fulfill convinced boundaries dictated through the allowed operating stipulations of varied orientation-sensitive tools and antennas within the house motor vehicle. for instance, a parabolic reflector could stop to be powerful while present process huge deflection. The elastic deformation may be lowered by means of use of keep an eye on quite a bit, that may be imp- mented through mechanically-based actuators or extra sleek piezoelectric units. whilst the constitution into account is made from a rubb- like fabric and is present process huge deformation, nonlinear fabric and geometric results needs to be taken under consideration within the research.

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2. Preliminaries We define the reference surface of the undeformed shell by two convected curvilinear coordinates ξ α (α = 1, 2). 1). Let X 0 be the position vector of the shell mid-surface. The covariant base vectors are give by (1) 19 where ( . ), α denote the partial differentiation with respect to ξ α, e αβ the permutation tensor, A =det| A α . Aβ |. The position vector at an arbitrary material point of the shell is expressed by (2) The base vectors at an arbitrary material point are given by (3) For later convenience, we introduce the rotated triad defined by (4) where R is the finite rotation tensor.

B) In the stress-strain relations, the stresses on the sections parallel to the plane tangent to the reference surface can be disregarded. 2) The sign ~ indicates the equality of the magnitude orders. 2) gives in this case the intervals of variation: L1 = c , L2 = ∞ . 5) be neglected. 1) of the basic hypotheses. ) The strain energy of a shell made of Hookean elastic isotropic material can, as a consequence of the assumption (b), be determined solely in terms of the components E αβ and ραβ of the strain vectors.

Then. (21), we have (22) Note that the above equation is derived under the condition that the AMB equation holds. Substituting Eq. (22) into Eq. 1 Balance laws for bending problem In the case of bending problem, the balance equations consist of the LMB, AMB and DMB equations. (12) and ξ3 with respect to ξ 3. The balance equations for the bending problem are written as (24) (25) (26) where (27) (28) in which H α is the director moment vector. The elimination of N 3 from the AMB and DMB equations gives the following moment equilibrium equation: (29) where the internal and external moment vectors are defined by (30) When the shearing forces N α 3 are eliminated from Eqs.

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