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By Wieslaw A. Dudek, Valentin S. Trokhimenko

ISBN-10: 3110269287

ISBN-13: 9783110269284

This monograph is the 1st one in English mathematical literature that's dedicated to the speculation of algebras of services of a number of variables. The publication features a accomplished survey of major issues of this fascinating concept. particularly the authors research the proposal of Menger algebras and its generalizations in very systematic method. Readers are supplied with entire bibliography in addition to with systematic proofs of those effects.

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If f, g1 , . . , gn are n-ary closure operations on an ordered set, then f [g] ¯ is an n-ary closure operation if and only if ¯ = f [g] ¯ gi [f n ][g] for every i = 1, . . , n. Proof. 14, hence we have to show that f [g] ¯ is idempotent. 13. On the other hand, ¯ ≺ f [ g1 [f n ][g] ¯ · · · gn [f n ][g] ¯ ] = f [g][ ¯ f [g] ¯ · · · f [g] ¯ ] = f [g]. 15 holds. Conversely, if this equality is true, then ¯ · · · gn [f n ][g] ¯ ] f [g][f ¯ [g] ¯ · · · f [g]] ¯ = f [ g1 [f n ][g] ¯ = f [g], ¯ = f [ f [g] ¯ · · · f [g] ¯ ] = f [f n ][g] which completes the proof.

Zn ). 1). If λg1 = λg2 , then λg1 (e, . . , e) = λg2 (e, . . , e) and, consequently g1 = g2 . So, the mapping P : g → λg is the isomorphism between the algebra (G, o) and the Menger algebra (Λ , O) of full n-place functions, where Λ = {λg | g ∈ G}. 9. Any Menger algebra of rank n is isomorphic to some Menger algebra of n-place functions. Let (G, o) be a Menger algebra of rank n. Let us consider the set Tn (G) of all expressions, called polynomials, in the alphabet G ∪ { [ ], x}, where the square brackets and x do not belong to G, defined as follows: (a) x ∈ Tn (G), (b) if i ∈ {1, .

N. Therefore the order of Gn is 1. Hence G is a singleton. Further all systems (G, ·, p1 , . . 3 will be called selective semigroups of rank n. The proved theorem gives the possibility to reduce the theory of Menger algebras to the theory of selective semigroups. In this way, we received three independent methods for the study of superposition of multiplace functions: Menger algebras, Menger semigroups and selective semigroups. A great number of papers dedicated to the study of Menger algebras have been released lately, but unfortunately the same cannot be said about Menger semigroups and selective semigroups.

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