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By Norman Marin

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Alternate mild resource Imaging offers a short advisor to electronic imaging utilizing mirrored infrared and ultraviolet radiation for crime scene photographers. transparent and concise guide illustrates easy methods to accomplish reliable photos in various forensic occasions. It demonstrates how tunable wavelength gentle resources and electronic imaging options can be utilized to effectively find and record actual proof on the crime scene, within the morgue, or within the laboratory. The clinical ideas that make this sort of images attainable are defined, by way of the elemental steps that may be applied to trap prime quality evidentiary images.

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These filters can be classified as narrow or wide bandpass filters, depending on the required bandwidth. Barrier filters: Filters that are designed to suppress or block the excitation wavelengths and allow only selected fluorescent emission wavelengths to pass toward the detector. Cut-off filter: The wavelength where there is a transition from a region of high transmission to a region of low transmission. This cut-off wavelength commonly refers to the 5% absolute transmission. UV and Narrowband Visible Light Imaging 37 Cut-on filter: The area where there is a transition from a region of low transmission to an adjacent spectral region of high transmission.

An interference filter produces high spectral transmittance over a very narrow band of wavelengths. Longpass filter: A type of filter where the transmission band is longer in wavelength than the region blocked. For example, longpass filter blocks visible radiation (400À700 nm) and transmits near-IR radiation (700À1200 nm). Optical density: Describes the amount of energy that can pass through an optical element. It is directly related to the transmittance of the material, which is the ability of light to propagate through a given medium.

30 (A) Photograph taken of a wall within a residence where a homicide occurred. In an attempt to hide evidence of the homicide, the apartment was painted to conceal blood. The photograph was taken with a Nikon D200 camera on a tripod and the wall was illuminated with white light from a high-intensity tunable source. (B) Wall area to the left of the dresser, depicted in (A), illuminated with broadband blue-green light and an orange barrier filter showing graffiti beneath paint and fluorescence from cleaning agents.

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