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During the final twenty years the research of, and the prediction of, adjustments within the weather of our planet became an pressing social principal, addressed to scientists internationally. the 1st ideas on which to base this type of examine have been formulated in 1974 in Stockholm, on the overseas GARP convention at the actual basics of weather concept and weather modeling. In 1979 the realm Meteorological association and the overseas Council of clinical Unions made up our minds to behavior an international application of weather study. This international weather application is designed in most cases to enquire the range of the weather on time scales starting from a number of weeks to some many years and to create a systematic foundation for the long term forecasting of climate. there's at this time a distinct want for a monograph that could function an advent to the idea of weather. On a qualitative point (without the gear of theoretical physics and arithmetic) such an creation has already been provided, partially I of a ebook at the heritage of weather via Yu. A. Shishkov and the writer (Monin and Shishkov, 1979). half II of that paintings offers real information on climatic adjustments throughout the process the Earth's background. the current publication is designed to supply such an creation on a quantita­ tive level.

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