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By William Duke, Yuri Tschinkel

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Articles during this quantity are in keeping with talks given on the Gauss-Dirichlet convention held in Göttingen on June 20-24, 2005. The convention honored the one hundred and fiftieth anniversary of the dying of C.-F. Gauss and the 2 hundredth anniversary of the delivery of J.-L. Dirichlet. the amount starts off with a definitive precis of the lifestyles and paintings of Dirichlet and keeps with 13 papers via top specialists on study issues of present curiosity in quantity idea that have been at once motivated by way of Gauss and Dirichlet. one of the themes are the distribution of primes (long mathematics progressions of primes and small gaps among primes), type teams of binary quadratic varieties, numerous points of the speculation of $L$-functions, the speculation of modular kinds, and the examine of rational and quintessential suggestions to polynomial equations in different variables. Titles during this sequence are co-published with the Clay arithmetic Institute (Cambridge, MA).

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Either one may find a finite magnitude exceeding any finite sum of arbitrarily many of these absolute values or moduli, or this condition is not satisfied by any finite number however large. In the first case, the series always converges and has a unique definite sum irrespective of the order of the terms, no matter if these proceed in one dimension or if they proceed in two or more dimensions forming a so-called double series or multiple series. In the second case, the series may still be convergent, but this property as well as the sum will depend in an essential way on the order of the terms.

Seidel, Philipp Ludwig: Note u ¨ ber eine Eigenschaft der Reihen, welche diskontinuierliche Funktionen darstellen. 1847. (Ostwald’s Klassiker der exakten Wissenschaften 116, ed. by H. G. Lejeune: Ged¨ achtnisrede auf Carl Gustav Jacob Jacobi. Abh. Kgl. Akad. Wiss. Berlin 1852, 1–27; also in J. Reine Angew. Math. 2], pp. J. Jacobi: Gesammelte Werke, vol. 1. W. ) Berlin: Reimer, 1881, pp. 1–28. Reprinted in: Reichardt, H. ): Nachrufe auf Berliner Mathematiker des 19. Jahrhunderts. J. L. E. Kummer, L.

THE LIFE AND WORK OF GUSTAV LEJEUNE DIRICHLET (1805–1859) 23 Following Gauß, Dirichlet considered quadratic forms ax2 + 2bxy + cy 2 with even middle coefficient 2b. This entails a large number of cases such that the class number formula finally appears in 8 different versions, 4 for positive and 4 for negative determinants. Later on Kronecker found out that the matter can be dealt with much more concisely if one considers from the very beginning forms of the shape f (x, y) := ax2 + bxy + cy 2 . (3) He published only a brief outline of the necessary modifications in the framework of his investigations on elliptic functions ([Kr], pp.

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