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By Dennis Abrams

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Profiles the existence and occupation of the writer Anthony Horowitz.

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In 1989 Anthony Horowitz wrote seven of the scripts for the British show. of William Tell which was unspeakably awful, every script I wrote was rewritten massively by other people, so I don’t think a single word of mine was ever really filmed. At the same time, they paid me so much money that I now had a little house, a little flat. I was also working on Poirot and other television shows that were always very mainstream TV shows. And I was doing these children’s books, always waiting for them to be big, to be recognized, and I didn’t think they ever were.

And then . . ” (Granny 117–118) 59 60 ANTHONY HOROWITZ Did writing the book allow Anthony to come to terms with his grandmother? Were his childhood feelings toward her the same when he was an adult? Was he able to forgive her? He said: Well at the end of her life, the last year of her life, after my mother had died of cancer, helped, I have to say, by my grandmother along the way, she was all alone. Let me first say that when my mother became ill, my grandmother’s contribution to this was to stress her out as much as she possibly could.

Bauer was the most unpleasant boy in the world” or something to that effect . . And I finished it, Did you know... Did you know that Anthony Horowitz wrote The Kingfisher Book of Myths and Legends for a straight fee, rather than for royalties per copy sold? Unfortunately for Anthony, the book was a huge success and has never been out of print; Anthony lost out on making a lot of money! 26 That book, no longer in print, was followed by Misha, the Magician and the Mysterious Amulet. That early work too, is no longer in print, much to Anthony’s relief.

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