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By Lucy Moore

ISBN-10: 1590203135

ISBN-13: 9781590203132

An exhilarating portrait of the period of jazz, glamour, and gangsters from a vivid younger big name of mainstream historical past writing.

The glitter of Nineteen Twenties the United States was once seductive, from jazz, flappers, and wild all- evening events to the start of Hollywood and a glamorous gangster-led crime scene flourishing less than Prohibition. however the interval used to be additionally punctuated by way of momentous events-the political express trials of Sacco and Vanzetti, the massive Ku Klux Klan march down Washington DC's Pennsylvania Avenue-and it produced a dizzying array of writers, musicians, and picture stars, from F. Scott Fitzgerald to Bessie Smith and Charlie Chaplin.

In Anything Goes, Lucy Moore interweaves the tales of the compelling humans and occasions that characterised the last decade to provide a gripping portrait of the Jazz Age. She unearths that the Roaring Twenties have been greater than simply "the years among wars." It used to be an epoch of ardour and change-an age, she observes, now not not like our own.

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