Things To Consider Before Buying A Property

Things To Consider Before Buying A Property

As much as buying property smacks of financial investment, it is equally an investment of a lifetime. Just imagine putting all your hard-earned money into erecting an establishment of your own aka your very own dream house. This is the dream harbored by almost every individual to have a property of their liking and accordingly they go around on a house-hunting search to choose the best option that fits their budget. Your home is your everything and therefore it has to be something that needs not be compromised upon. Hence before you start the hunt for buying a property or investing in one, these are the following aspects that you should thoroughly consider:

  • Budget

While a penthouse can be your dream, the budget might say otherwise! In other words, going behind your dream house can be easier especially when your set budget allows you to do so. The advice is to stick to your budget and not overshoot. Go for a property that fits your budget and something which you can afford. In any case, inquire about the additional charges if any to make sure that it’s not exceeding your set financial limit in any way!

  • Location

This aspect is of central significance in terms of property-buying because believe it or not, even if you are buying a luxurious apartment, it amounts to nothing given its poor surroundings. It’s the location that makes a huge difference. Again, the proximity to the central part of the town or city is what people look for that facilitates an easy commute.

  • Connectivity and transport

Taking a cue from the above point, it is important to ascertain whether or not the location allows easy transport access.

  • Lifestyle

End number of reasons have to be considered before going for a property full and final. Even if the property is handsome and falls under your budget, whether or not it compliments your lifestyle is to be considered equally. If you love visiting cafes and work out of them on a daily basis, you wouldn’t want to invest in a property where there is no single cafe around.

  • Basic infrastructure

Another important thing to consider with a property is the facilities it is equipped with. What amenities are available, how good is the water supply, how is the management like, etc. need to be carefully thought through before you arrive at a conclusion.

  • Resale value

If you’re investing in a brand, check what the resale value would be like in case if you plan to sell off this property later on.

  • Registration

An authorized registration is mandatory to safeguard you against the structural defects for five years or so, in the case of RERA registration. 

  • Quality of construction

What kind of construction has gone into erecting your dream house is a question that you must ask to your structural engineer. Analyze that aspect well and don’t just go by the look of it.

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