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We say “miraculous” because these transformations cannot take place under normal conditions, but require a combination of the most improbable factors. Carbon atoms are produced in the core of huge stars by a two-tier process. First, two helium atoms fuse to produce a transitional element with four protons and four neutrons called beryllium. When a third helium atom fuses with beryllium, they produce a carbon atom with six protons and neutrons. The beryllium atom produced in the first stage of this process is different from the beryllium atoms found on Earth, since the element beryllium listed in our periodic table boasts one additional neutron.

57 A Chain of Miracles Our position, outside of the spiral arms where stars cluster, is also the safest place in the universe, since here we are removed from gravitational forces that could destabilize the orbits of planets. Also, we are out of reach of the deadly effects of supernova explosions. 5 billion years it took to make it a place suitable for human life. Thanks to the creation of our solar system in this special position, life—and human life—can be sustained on Earth. This is the reason why we can investigate the universe we live in and observe the unequalled, supreme, spectacular artistry in God’s creation.

000000000000001 of a second, joins with another helium atom to form a carbon atom before such decomposition takes place. (3) Scientists agree that this phenomenon is most extraordinary. 15 As we have seen, Greenstein (another materialist scientist), explains this miracle of Creation with “a remarkable chain of lucky breaks;” a wholly unscientific approach. Exactly because this is an impossibly unlikely thing to happen by chance, Greenstein makes the analogy of a very complex and crucial resonance between a car, a bicycle and a truck.

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