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By Jean-Michel Jolion

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Biological visible structures hire vastly parallel processing to accomplish real-world visible projects in genuine time. A key to this impressive functionality appears that organic structures build representations in their visible snapshot information at a number of scales. APyramid Framework for Early Vision describes a multiscale, or `pyramid', method of imaginative and prescient, together with its theoretical foundations, a collection of pyramid-based modules for snapshot processing, item detection, texture discrimination, contour detection and processing, characteristic detection and outline, and movement detection and monitoring. It additionally indicates how those modules could be carried out very successfully on hypercube-connected processor networks.
A Pyramid Framework for Early Vision is meant for either scholars of imaginative and prescient and imaginative and prescient approach designers; it presents a basic method of imaginative and prescient structures layout in addition to a suite of sturdy, effective imaginative and prescient modules.

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4 Hardware realizations Several projects for the design of pyramid computers have been started in the past few years in the USA as well as in European countries. Among these, we will 46 A Pyramid Framework for Early Vision described the best known approaches, which can be classified by the power of their processing elements. The first class is characterized by elementary (usually I-bit) processors, resulting in a large degree of integration. PAPIA 1, PCLlP, GAM, HCL and SPHINX belong to this class.

The filtered signal can then be subsampled. 2. Filtering gk--+ Subsampling W*gk .. 3 Building a multi resolution representation of an image We will now consider the process of building a discrete multiresolution representation of an image. Let I be an image of size 2N x 2N. We want to subsample this image by a factor of 2. As we just seen, the subsampling of this 2D signal must be combined with a smoothing process in order to remove the high frequencies. This is done by a discrete convolution : m=M n=M G[I](ij) = L m=1 L w(m,n) .

It has been shown that any signal can be described without error by the set of all the zerocrossings at any level of its scale-space representation [Yuille-86]. The particular scale-space representation composed of the locations of the zero-crossings is known as the fingerprint. The Laplacian pyramid defined earlier in this section is also an exact code of an image. However, because of the limited number of scales, the values at every scale cannot be reduced to the locations of zero-crossings. g.

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