Benefits of Buying A 2BHK Flat For Your Close-Knit Family

Benefits of Buying A 2BHK Flat For Your Close-Knit Family

With Indian families tending to become more nuclear in nature, the demand for 2 BHK Flats seems to be soaring. Buying a house of their own is a dream nurtured by almost every individual and while it is advisable to always go for bigger houses, ideally a 3BHK keeping in mind the family extension in the future, 2BHKs have still been a great and quite a rampant choice for most. It is because the majority of its buyer’s hail from the middle class and higher middle-class segments of the society who prefer buying a 2BHK. Hence a lot of such projects are coming up in leading cities, including small towns. But what is the force that motivates people to go for a 2BHK flat? Of course, it has to have its own advantages which is why it is motivating so many people to invest in them.

Hence let us diver deeper into it:

  • Cost planning: Indian real estate is market-sensitive to price changes with price becoming a significant determining factor for an individual to make a purchase decision. While a 1BHK apartment can be an ideal choice for a single individual, let’s say a student, or an IT guy (just as an example), it might not be an apt choice for someone with a family or looking to expand their family in the future. On the other hand, due to the price surge, 3BHK apartments can be extremely costly. Hence the preference left in between which one can opt for and something that can still fit within a budget is a 2BHK apartment. Even if one is not planning to buy one, they can still rent it out at a comparatively lower costing than a 3BHK.
  • Low Maintenance: 2BHKs sound like a better investment at a comparatively lower maintenance rate than 3BHK flats. The apartment maintenance charges remain lower in this case and it makes so much sense to invest in one.
  • Family Planning: Even if a couple goes for 1BHK, they will eventually have to look around for better housing options if they plan to grow their family. The house might look cramped at a later stage. Hence a budget-friendly 2BHK apartment can be an apt choice keeping in mind the family planning aspect which is again of central significance in Indian societies.
  • Cozy and spacious: 2BHKs offer an optimum amount of space utilization and comfort. Again, they are spacious enough for small families which is why the demand for them keeps increasing day by day. On the other hand, 3 BHKs might be more spacious but there’s just so much space which might not even be used by small families for the enormous amount they would be paying to purchase a 3BHK flat. Thus, 2BHKs certainly sounds like a remarkable option.

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